At Manor Primary, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education empowers all children to develop a sense of belonging and an understanding of their place in the world. The curriculum aims to provide children with learning experiences to develop an understanding and appreciation of themselves and others. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely with respect, to work collaboratively to learn about equality for all and tolerance in age appropriate contexts.

PSHCE equips children and young people with the knowledge to deal with a range of issues they may face as they grow up. It covers a wide spectrum including: drugs and alcohol education, emotional health and well-being, relationship and sex education, nutrition and physical activity, personal finance, safety, careers education and work-related learning.

It is also a vehicle for children to learn about fundamental British Values:

It covers themes such as:

Our Teaching in PSHCE inspires all children to be proud of their individuality and learn about the diversity of our community and beyond. 

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