Our Core Values

Everything starts with our inspirational teaching

The children are at the heart of everything we do. Our outstanding teaching engages and involves our pupils in a unique compelling way to ensure that they develop a life-long love of learning. Inspirational teaching acts as the foundation to both sustain interest and engagement with the subjects and to create success and attainment levels above expectation both at their time at Manor, and throughout their future lives.

In lessons there are no passive disengaged pupils – our classes crackle with positive energy and are full of enthusiastic children who are not only keen to learn, but also eager to participate and contribute their articulate thoughts to the lessons. 

Every child has a tailor-made education that fits perfectly

Every child has different starting points, strengths and talents. At Manor we aim to recognise their own unique make-up and develop a personalised experience of the school, both in terms of the curriculum and the monitoring of their progress.

Every pupil irrespective of their ability, has their own personal goals that are attainable if they fully apply themselves. This is a powerful motivating factor in their development – they know that if they work hard they can achieve those goals and this develops their confidence and positive attitude towards learning.

We also aim to instil an innate sense of self-belief and develop each child emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially so that they are able to fulfil their true potential. They believe that anything is possible and are fully prepared for the next stage in their education leading towards adulthood.

Only the highest standards of behaviour are acceptable

At Manor we believe effective teaching and learning cannot take place without positive behaviour. Children need a calm and purposeful atmosphere in order to learn and experience success. We encourage positive attitudes to each other, both in the classroom and wider school environment, so that all children feel safe and secure and adopt a positive reflective approach to behaviour management.

We have an established set of school rules that have been developed by our pupils. These rules are expressed in positive statements and are few in number so that every child in the school can learn them and know what they mean; these are displayed in all classrooms. We also have clear strategies in place to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Children who do not adhere to school expectations are given the opportunity to reflect and dealt with by school leaders. If their unacceptable behaviour continues, parents are informed and sanctions are imposed.

Our curriculum engages, excites and achieves results

The importance of the structure, content and balance of the curriculum can never be underestimated in the learning environment. It acts as the foundation to provide everyone with a measurable plan and structure for delivering a world-class education. At Manor we recognise this and embrace the opportunity to maximise its potential.  

We believe that to achieve their best, students must be fully engaged to enjoy learning. Whilst we adhere to all the DFE and national guidelines.Our curriculum is custom designed to both stimulate our pupils and achieve the best possible results.Our approach has been very successful and we were proud to receive recognition from OFSTED in 2008 who praised it as being “one of the most innovative they had ever seen”.

Always moving forward on our journey of improvement

Our aim is simple: to continually improve and build on the impressive leaps forward we have made in recent years. The world of education is continually evolving and we embrace the new thinking and technologies that will help our children achieve more. No stone is left unturned to improve the standard of teaching and the learning environment. The culture of continual improvement is embedded in the ethos and philosophy of the school. However many accolades we achieve, we view them as stepping stones on a journey of progression. The innovations that we adopt are never ‘faddy’ or just implemented to be at the forefront of current thinking. The initiatives and new techniques are only adopted if they positively contribute to providing a higher quality of education for every child within the school.

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