Meet Our Staff

Manor Primary School Staffing

Manor Multi Academy Trust
A Cliff - CEO
H Guest - Deputy CEO

J Mills – Headteacher – DSL, SENDCo
A Coles - Deputy Headteacher – DDSL, Strategic Lead for Inclusion and Curriculum
K Kaur - Deputy Headteacher – DDSL, Strategic Lead for Teaching and Learning

J Newell - Assistant Headteacher – Year 6 Teacher
B Ripley - Assistant Headteacher – Year 6 Teacher
K Sajid – Year 6 Teacher
S Smith – Lead Practitioner for English - Year 5 Teacher
C Hampshire -– Lead Practitioner for Mathematics – Year 5 Teacher
M Chambers – Year 5 Teacher
J McCadden – Year 5 and 6 Teacher
Richard Brown - Assistant Headteacher
A Yates – SEND Team, Year 4 Teacher
J Waterfield – Year 4 Teacher
K Hill – Year 4 Teacher
L Parker – SEND Team, Year 3 Teacher
N Patterson – SEND Team, Year 3 Teacher
R Gordon – Year 3 Teacher
R Proctor – Year 3 and 4 Teacher
M Brewerton - Assistant Headteacher – Year 2 Teacher
O Monk – Lead teacher for Phonics - Year 2 Teacher
A Whitehouse – Year 2 Teacher
S Chandel – Year 1 Teacher
J North – Year 1 Teacher
N Hyde – Year 1 Teacher
A Barwell – Phase Leader – Reception Teacher
L Tranter – Reception Teacher
A Walters – Reception Teacher
J Wardley – Nursery Teacher
L Williams – Nursery Teacher
K Palmer – EYFS Teacher

Teaching Assistants
K Cresswell
T Jones
J Kyte
C Cook
S Oakley
N Troope
J Turner
K Carter
N Yates
M Betts
J Naylor
S Drake
W Smith
J Bartley
H Amoruso
E Jones
S Mulligan
R Haddock
A Russell
M Harvey
E Wardlaw
N Hodson
M Kaur
C Smith 

Administration (Office Staff)
K Whitehouse (School Business Manager)
G Chamberlin
M Jeavons
R Cresswell
E Broadley-Smith (Finance)

Site Manager
K Graham

Midday Supervisors
S Everall
T Robinson
K Foreman
S Sault
N Fellows
M Ward
G Randhawa
K Marks
K Stokes
S Parry
J Pardoe
J Devlin
R Kaur

Cleaning Staff
A Dean
T Westwood
A Green
T Robinson
V Morris
T Williams
G Southall
J Wright

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Manor Primary

Ettingshall Road, Coseley,
West Midlands WV14 9UQ
Telephone: 01902 556460