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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
At Manor Primary School everyone works together to achieve the best we possibly can for our school and our children. We have wonderful staff who work tirelessly and enthusiastically to make Manor Primary School the success that it is. 

Anita Cliff:            Headteacher
Assessment, Target Setting & Pupil Tracking Leader,
SMSC Leader
ICT Subject Leader
Music Subject Leader
Designated Child Protection teacher
National Leader of Education
TEACHING STAFF                   
Julie Mills:            Deputy Headteacher
Leader for Literacy
MFL leader
EYFS & KS 1 Leader for standards and achievement, creativity & enrichment
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Specialist Leader
Kully Kaur:            Assistant Headteacher
Leader for Science
KS 2 Leader for standards and achievement, creativity & enrichment
 Phase Leader (Lower Key Stage 2 Leading Practitioner)
Class Teacher
Specialist Leader of Education
Louise Wedge:        Leader for mathematics
Class Teacher
Jessica Newell:       Phase Leader (Key Stage 1 Leading Practitioner)
P.E Subject Leader
Class Teacher
Alice Malcolm:        Phase Leader (Lower Key Stage 2 Leading Practitioner)
Geography Subject Leader
Class Teacher
Emma Postance:       Class Teacher
Wendy Kendrick      Phase Leader (EYFS Leading Practitioner)
Class Teacher
History Subject Leader
Specialist Leader of Education
Audrey Brown:       KS 2 Teacher cover for Teaching School Work – part time
RE Leader
Ruth Proctor:         EYFS & Keystage 1 teacher cover for Teaching School Work – part time
                              Healthy School Leader
Amy Hocknull:        Leader across KS 1 SIP Key issues
Class Teacher
Art & Design Subject Leader
Ang Coles:              Nursery Teacher
                              EYFS Curriculum Leader
Hannah Swatman:    Design & Technology Subject Leader
 Class Teacher
Amy Hocknull:          Class Teacher
                               Art & Design Leader

Beckie Welsh:         Class Teacher
                               Shadow Subject Leader
Hayley Caddick:       Class Teacher
                               Shadow Subject Leaders
Jo North:                Class Teacher
                               Shadow Subject Leader
Mike Brewerton:       Class Teacher
   Learning platform & Media and IPAD Technology Subject leader

 Charlotte Hampshire    Class Teacher

George Tsiappourdhi:     Class Teacher
Leading intervention groups/ target groups in classrooms
Kate Gibbons (Full time) Grade 2
Jenny Naylor (24 hours, 4 days) Grade 4                   
Yvonne Horseman (24 hours, 4 days) Grade 2
Kerry Cresswell (24 hours, 4 days) Grade 3       
Jayne Turner (Full time) Grade 3
Joanne Probert   (Full time) Grade 3     
Mandy Edwards (Full time) Grade 4
Di Evans (Full time) Grade 3
Jo Wardley (24 hours, 4 days) Grade 2
Jacquie McCadden (Full Time) Grade 4
Jane Colbourne (24 hours, 4 days) Grade 2
Wendy Smith (26.25 hours) Grade 2
Janet Kyte (FullTime ) Grade 2
Laura Heeks (Full time) Grade 2
Sue Pickering
Mary Jeavons
Kerry Whitehouse
Ian Moore
Kim Foreman
Ken Graham
Mary Jeavons    (Senior Supervisor)                                                                 
Ilda Aloia                             
Jo Fabian
Helen Amoruso
Tracy Robinson
Wendy Smith
Kim Foreman
Lynne Holloway
Sukhvinder Chatha
CLEANING STAFF             
Elaine Millard
Ilda Alloia
Helen Amoruso
Angela Dean
Tracey Westwood
Angie Green
Gloria Williams

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